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Alex Nova Bounty Hunters Porn

Bounty Hunters Porn gallery with Alex Nova. Once this groovy young ballet student stripped off her flowing cotton gown down to show off her firm young body her boyfriend knew that he was going to stay hard for hours. He buried his head into her soft hot twat and ate her out while she quivered and shook with arousal. She made all sorts of grunts and moans as he drank her sweet twat juice. He plowed her ass hard relishing every moment. He just loved the way his bags felt slamming against those firm booty cheeks. Just as he felt the jizz building up in his balls he pulled out and then came all over her shaking thighs.

Alexa Nova is on the run from Preston Parker, a bounty hunter who’s determined to bring her in to face the charges against her. When he finally catches up to her, Preston wrestles her into the car and takes her back to his office to finish up paperwork. When Alexa promises to stop whining if he takes the handcuffs off, Preston gives in. She immediately goes into full-on seduction mode. Preston is unmoved at first, but Alexa is persistent in her advances and he eventually gives in.

Preston lets Alexa wrap her puffy lips around his cock and start sucking him off with plenty of enthusiasm. When she turns around and bends over the desk to offer her pierced pussy up for him to fuck, Preston is happy to comply. Soon he is pounding away at that delectable tight twat while Alexa moans her pleasure.

Hopping up onto the desk, Alexa spreads her legs wide to take another round of pleasure as Preston continues to give in to her begging to satisfy her. Her moans fill the room as she gets closer and closer to paradise, eventually exploding with ecstasy. Preston follows her over the edge moments later, pulling out to jizz all over her needy twat. Alexa’s afterglow lasts for a few moments, until she learns that her seduction won’t get her out of jail time.

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